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      Hengshun Zhongsheng Group Co., Ltd was organized to realize the strategic transformation to internationalization, business diversity and platform production. 

      Subsidiaries in South Africa and Zimbabwe were established.


      The construction of Hengshun Zhongsheng Sulawesi Industrial Park in Indonesia commenced

      A number of nickel and manganese mines were acquired as reserves


      PT. Transon Bumindo Resources was established

      Coal mines and wharfs were acquired to engage in mining services


      H&Shun International Holdings Pte. Ltd. was established in Singapore


      The Company was listed on GEM of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 300208), and registered capital was increased to CNY 280 million

      Energy Performance Contracting was executed
             Overseas investment started


      The Company underwent reform and was renamed as Qingdao Evercontaining Electric Co., Ltd. with registered capital increased to CNY 51 million


      The Company settled into airport industrial park, covering an area of 100 mu, with registered capital increased to CNY 40 million


      The first high-voltage filter device exported to Kazakhstan was put into operation


      Overall solution for power grid featuring environmental protection and energy conservation was offered to clients


      Sales volume and output value exceeded CNY one hundred million


      Qingdao Evercontaining Electric Co., Ltd. was established

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