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      Complete sets of high voltage parallel connecting capacitor



      Product introduction and its application field

      High voltage parallel connecting capacitance equipments, herein simply named equipments or products are mainly used in 3~110kV power frequency system, to ensure local equilibrium of reactive power in the system, to improve power factor, adjust voltage of the network, reduce loss of the current lines, improve availability factor of the electrical equipments. The products are widely applied in industries such as power industry, metallurgy, mines, building material and petrochemical industry, machinery and aerospace. The equipments are mainly composed of attachments such as high voltage parallel connecting capacitors, series connecting reactor, s breakers, dis-connectors, ZnO lightning protector, current transformer, frame, enclosure (or cabinet) and connecting. Users can choose indoor or outdoor equipments according to different environment and select switching type devices according to practical operation need of the system.


      Design concept

      ‘Zero’leakage:  all insulators of oil-type product inside the capacitor bank generally apply rolling contact casing pipe and no leakage was guaranteed.

      Lifelong anti-corrosion: material of enclosure of the attachments is stainless steel. The equipment assembly frame is made of aluminum alloy sections.

      It is assembled in building blocks way. It is designed and delivered in a modularized way, and can be immediately used on site.

      Product features and progressiveness

      Products are full in types: outdoor types, indoor types, fixing types and adjustable volume types, meeting different demands for various users. The products series are complete as they cover all series of voltage grades ranging from 3kv to 110 kv and special products can be customized according to user’s demand for special voltage grades.

      Successful supplier of 110kv directly linked products: 110kv directly linked products have been put into application since 2003. Currently, our company has become suppliers who can provide 110kv directly linked products operating the longest time in our country and operating maximally in numbers.

      Absorb international advanced technologies: closely follow international technology trend, promote no-fuse capacitor and no-fuse capacitor equipments.


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