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      production equipment

      Advanced management measures
      • ERP management system: to achieve effective control over production material and integration of the financial business.

      • MES manufacturing executing management system: use barcode technology to achieve whole process control from producing schedule to quality.

      • Collaborative OA official system: business in the company shall be managed in flow, administrative affairs shall be in managed in paperless form; data in production management system shall be integrated together to achieve a unified platform for the business data, and the data shared will be more comprehensive.

      Excellent production checking equipment

      In 2008, the new production foundation has been successfully put into production and the investment on its construction and equipments has come to 220 million yuan. Among all the equipments, the newly added core technologies such as full automatic logistics and electrostatic painting production line for electric power capacitor, full automatic winding machine, full automatic kerosene vapor phase drying, capacitor core assembly line equipment, capacitor rolling sleeve welding equipment, capacitor box shell leveling cutting unit, Numerical Control Turret Punch Press, numerical bending and welding equipment, complete set of metal frame profile rolling production line, sand blasting and painting facilities for metal surface treatment. Automatic temperature controlled rotary curing furnace for reactor, vertical winding machine for automatic yarn discharging 10t reactor, KPC-3000J epoxy vacuum casting equipment, single layer foil winding machine, horizontal yarn rolling and winding machine and silicon and steel pieces cutting production line all belong to the best international products and domestic products, effectively guaranteed quality of the products.  

      We have rich checking measures, strong checking capacity and advanced checking equipments. By sticking to the quality management idea of “survival for quality”, we strictly obey the ISO9001:2008 quality management system in the production process. Moreover, top branded checking equipments of best reputation internationally and leading position in the industry are provided:  GJB C class high pressure shielding experiment room, CDYH3000kV/300kJ impulse voltage generator, YDTCW-1000/2×400, power frequency YDTCW, TETTEX 2840 full automatic capacity and dielectric loss test electrical bridge, JFD251 digital partial discharge test meter, TETTEX 2840 full automatic capacity and dielectric loss test electrical bridge, TWTD-2B multichannel partial discharge analyzer, SP-9890 insulated oil chromatography analyzer, SP-6890 insulated oil chromatography analyzer. The testing and experiment level of those more than 100 kinds of internationally and domestic advanced equipments have come to the first class level in our country.

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